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Keeping Your Mind And Body Resilient During These Changing Times

Matt Chandler Interviews Dr. Kieran Kuykendall About How You Can Keep Your Mind & Body Resilient During These Changing Times.
We are living in ever changing turbulent times right now. In the midst of a great expansion. 
Hi my name is Matt Chandler. I am the CEO of Shine Light Life. I feel now more than ever its important to be a part of a tribe that supports, uplifts and inspires. We are building that tribe. I will be providing our tribe with in-depth interviews with leaders in the health & wellness and mindfulness field. 
My first interview is with Dr. Kieran Kuykendall. We talk about the state of frantic frenzy, what we are doing to keep our minds and bodies healthy, our favorite supplements, the seas of coming change and so much more! Join in and be sure to stay connected on social media.
Dr. K’s bio 1:07
In A State Of Frantic Frenzy 4:50
This Kind Of Moment 5:05
Avoid Getting Strung Out On Fear Porn 6:42
What We Need Right Now 7:04
Vitamin A & D 11:38
Why We Love Liposomal Vitamin C 13:42
It’s not what you eat It’s how you absorb it 16:01
Why You Need To Cut The Sugar! 23:00
The Seas Of Time Are Coming 31:39
The Internal Palace 32:26
Positive Input 37:52
Beyond The Impossible 40:29
Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts or submit questions for my next interview with Dr. Kieran Kuykendall.
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