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Sunshine Connect has helped consult, formulate, source, and manufacture for various medical based product solutions. Below are some examples of work we have done:

-Medical professionals- We helped facilitate and oversee a product line for medical professional who has a network of pain management clinics. We helped formulate a product suitable for their patients needs with the assistance of the physician(client). We helped source the proper cannabinoid extracts and made recommendation on dosing based on our past experience and research. We then helped them find the best manufacturer for their particular product and oversaw the process until the product was finished with proper testing. 

-Medical Supply Distribution Networks- We helped formulate and coordinate manufacturing for various cannabinoid based products for a medical supply distribution company. We helped connect them to a few local opportunities for business from existing clients we had in our network. 

Pharmacies- We helped facilitate and oversee a product line for a few different pharmacies. We assisted with everything from the formulations to manufacturing and quality control management. 

Through our experience in the medical supply and pharmacy channels we understand the need for highly monitored supply chain verification and that product quality and purity is a MUST. 

Overall we have helped several clients in the medical community with formulations, SOPs, raw ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, testing standards, and resources that are relevant to their needs and goals.