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The first successful project we had was with The University of North Texas Health Science Center on a Cannabinoid Solubilization Project where we were able to use naturally derived ingredients to create an optimal liposomal formulation with cannabinoids ingredients. 

Sunshine Connect worked and continues to work through partners on solubilization projects with some of the US’s leading research organizations and universities.

Since the project, with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, we have worked and partnered with several companies and formulators to take our research results, knowledge, and experience in the field to create naturally and organically derived nanoemulsion formulas for water based product applications. 

We primarily serve the all natural and organic product markets and can work with products that have cannabinoids or ones that do not.

We now assist and partner with companies in: 

  • Identifying and Creating the Best Formulation for their product application and needs.
  • Supply of Bulk Solubilized Cannabinoid Ingredients with our in house formulations.
  • Water Solubilization Toll Processing on existing cannabinoid extracts and raw materials.  
  • Solubilization and Optimization Consulting, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships with other non-cannabinoid ingredients.