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Matt Chandler- Co-Founder


Matt is a millennial dad & is passionate about maintaining a healthy life-style as a father of 2 in this fast pace chaotic world. His background as an entrepreneur includes real estate investing, community development, functional fitness gyms, Hemp/CBD/Natural Product brands, and consulting/business development work for all natural products brands currently in the marketplace today. Matt is passionate about regenerative farming, organic chemistry/plant extraction, and nano-technology. He utilizes elements of each of these to meticulously craft all of Shine Light's products.

Courtney Chandler- Co-Founder


Courtney is a busy millennial mom, health coach, and master product formulator. Courtney faced many health challenges and started her healing journey about 5 years ago. Conventional medicine treatments were failing her and in her search for healing she came across functional and holistic healing practitioners and healing techniques. In the past 5 years Courtney has dug deep down the rabbit hole of the human body and has learned ways to heal the body naturally. She now helps coach people 1 on 1 and provides practical tips to people on how to live a happy, healthy, optimized, and fulfilled being a busy millennial mom.