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  • Collaborate on Content- Ready to Share Video and Social Posts
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  • Get Big Discounts on Personal CBD Products

Collaborate on Content

We work with our influencers to collaborate on content that brings value to both of our audiences. Shine Light supports people through teaching of our "5 Rays of Health" which focus on different aspects that makes up a persons health & well being.

What areas of health are you an expert at?

Our team works directly with you to collaborate on content that brings value to your customers, is easy to share with your audience, and earns you money for anything that sells.  

Earn More Money

We compensate and take care of our influencers for sharing our content through our wholesale program. Each influencer will have a wholesale log in on our site. This program comes with:

-10% discount code to share with audience.

-Tracking and Commissions paid for every time the code is used.

-Access to track your commissions and how your code is doing.

Earn more money while serving your audience with amazing products that work great! Your fans will LOVE you even more.

Free Access to Tribe Membership

We are big on creating community at Shine Light and helping support people through all aspects of their health journeys. We created the Shine Light Tribe for people to be able to go deeper, express their unique needs & situations, and allow our team and the group to help support them in their journey.

Our team & influencers, like yourself, who have expertise, experience, & knowledge around specific areas are available to chime in and offer amazing advice and support for people facing challenges in their lives.

Do you have anything you are trying to breakthrough with your health & well being?


Join the tribe for free, ask away, and receive support!

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