Sunshine Comes From Within

Experience Endless Happiness, Overwhelming Joy, and Unconditional Love!

Connect w/ Health Experts

Connect with our community of holistic health practitioners, influencers, thought leaders, and light workers! Discover practical health tips, receive expert advice, and learn simple practices that WORK from some of the top leaders in health & wellness!

Join the Community &
Receive Support

You are NOT alone on your Journey! Community & a good Support system are essential for growth. Connect, share, and gain support from others who are going through or have gone through similar challenges as you. Together we can help, support, and raise each other up to new levels of growth.

BE the Light

BE The Light in Your Community. Once you break through the obstacles and challenges in your own life then you BECOME the light for someone else. Nothing is more rewarding than serving another along their own path. Become The Light and Serve Others!

Personalized Questions Answered

Ask your personalized questions to our expert and experienced team. Get different perspectives from:

-Co-founder Courtney with a busy working millennial mom perspective

-Co-Founder Matt with a hard working entrepreneur dad perspective.

-Expert Doctors, practitioners, and holistic health specialists with years of experience.

Receive Support from the Community

Gain Support from other community members who are going through or have gone through similar challenges. Hear their stories, how they overcame them, and receive love and support from the community.

Exclusive Content & Experiences

Gain Access to exclusive tribe events and experiences such as online group yoga classes, meditation experiences, weekly webinar calls with Dr. Kieran, and MUCH more!

Meet the Founders

Matt Chandler- Co-Founder


Matt is a millennial dad & busy health & wellness entrepreneur. His background as an entrepreneur includes real estate investing, community development, functional fitness gyms, Hemp/CBD/Natural Product brands, and consulting/formulations/manufacturing of all natural products for several companies in the marketplace today. Through his work he has developed expertise and experience in conscious business practices, movement/fitness routines, and natural product creations. He now is passionate to bring his expertise to the conscious health & wellness community he is building called Shine Light Tribe.

Courtney Chandler- Co-Founder


Courtney is a busy millennial mom, health coach, and master product formulator. Courtney faced many health challenges and started her healing journey about 5 years ago. Conventional medicine treatments were failing her and in her search for healing she came across functional and holistic healing practioners and healing techniques. In the past 5 years Courtney has dug deep down the rabbit hole of the human body and has learned ways to heal the body naturally. She now helps coach people 1 on 1 and provides practical tips in Shine Light Tribe on how to live a happy, healthy, optimized, and fulfilled being a busy millennial mom.

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