Create Your Own Natural Hemp(CBD) Product  

Sunshine connect serves and connects conscious companies
to premium, all natural, and certified organic hemp and
CBD products, solutions, and services.

Certified Organic Solutions

We can create and offer a wide range of USDA certified organic product solutions. Create products that have the USDA Organic stamp of approval to demonstrate your brand complies with these standards and quality.  

Private Label and Customized Solutions

We have many pre-formulated optimized products solutions to choose from. Dont see anything you like? No problem we can customize some products for your company and customers needs.

Low Minimum Options

Dont have a ton of up front capital to buy inventory? We have low minimums for certain product options and can work with you for the best solution.  


The Hemp and CBD industry can be difficult to navigate legally. The current laws are unclear, there are a lot of gray areas, and government agencies, like the FDA, have made confusing statements.
We help companies navigate this complicated industry and consult them on strategies to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and their competition.
We help review and make suggestions on marketing materials, product labeling, hemp/CBD sourcing, manufacturing, and overall business strategy.

Product Ideation & Formulations

We help companies come up with ideas for products that serve their customers. We have experience working with holistic health practitioners, influencers, natural product brands, manufacturers, to brand new companies.

We help them formulate custom products or guide them to some of our optimized stock solution options to choose from. We help companies create products based on the experiences they want their user to feel.


Think. Energy. Relax. Sleep. Focus. Breathe. Immune.

Raw Materials & Ingredient Sourcing

We source premium ingredients that are rare and hard to find. They are very craft ingredients, attention to detail, and carry a specific energy. Certified Organic Options. Hard to Find & Rare. Extraction Techniques All Natural, Organic Solvents, Spagyric, . Hemp Sourcing Organic.

Manufacturing Solutions

Customized and Premium Solutions. Organic Product Solutions. Wide Range of Options. Drinks, Sauces, Shots, Gummies, Capsules, Tinctures, Powders. Food Products. Small Minimum Private Label Options. Affordable Pricing.


We Offer a Range of Premium Hemp Products that Fit Your Goals and Budget


Matt Chandler


Matt is a millennial dad & busy health & wellness entrepreneur. His background as an entrepreneur includes real estate investing, community development, functional fitness gyms, Hemp/CBD/Natural Product brands, and consulting/formulations/manufacturing of all natural products for several companies in the marketplace today.


Through his work he has developed expertise and experience in conscious business practices, movement/fitness routines, and natural product creations. He now is passionate to bring his expertise to the conscious health & wellness community he is building called Shine Light Tribe.

Past Projects & Experience

Natural Brands & Influencers +

Sunshine Connect helped to develop a brand and a series of products for a large distribution group that had a series of distributors that serviced small retail locations across America. The brand was looking to create a CBD product line to capitalize on their current influence in the marketplace. We helped them create an innovative line of quality products for their customers that was based on their customers needs. This particular groups goals was to create cost effective products that would provide healthier product alternatives options over unhealthier, chemical, and preservative based options.


We were able to help them come up with a line of vapes, tinctures, and topicals, which were commonly used and familiar products for their customers demographic, that performed well in their marketplaces, and provided their end customer base healthier cost effective options.

Medical Professional Product Manufacturing & Distribution +

Sunshine Connect has helped consult, formulate, source, and manufacture for various medical based product solutions. Below are some examples of work we have done:

-Medical professionals- We helped facilitate and oversee a product line for medical professional who has a network of pain management clinics. We helped formulate a product suitable for their patients needs with the assistance of the physician(client). We helped source the proper cannabinoid extracts and made recommendation on dosing based on our past experience and research. We then helped them find the best manufacturer for their particular product and oversaw the process until the product was finished with proper testing.

-Medical Supply Distribution Networks- We helped formulate and coordinate manufacturing for various cannabinoid based products for a medical supply distribution company. We helped connect them to a few local opportunities for business from existing clients we had in our network.


Pharmacies- We helped facilitate and oversee a product line for a few different pharmacies. We assisted with everything from the formulations to manufacturing and quality control management.

Through our experience in the medical supply and pharmacy channels we understand the need for highly monitored supply chain verification and that product quality and purity is a MUST. 

Overall we have helped several clients in the medical community with formulations, SOPs, raw ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, testing standards, and resources that are relevant to their needs and goals.

UK & European Manufacturing and Distribution Project +

Sunshine Connect works with partners in the UK who have local various connections to bulk suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution networks throughout the UK and Europe. Sunshine Connect works with these strategic partners to help with various aspects of supply chain management and quality control.  

We help connect and structure distribution partnerships and joint ventures between brands, companies, and products that have aligning values and goals within our network.


Our goals is to create collaborative environments that spur local community engagement, and keeping things local on a manufacturing level. We hope to be a part of helping coordinate a Global connected community of other like minded, similar visioned, and mission aligned companies.


We honor everyone’s cultural differences and love to collaborate with similar vision sharing, like minded, people and organizations. We also love connecting them to other great companies and brands who share similarities and help cultivate communication and collaboration between them to help us co-create a better future and better industry.

Manufacturers +

Solubilization Project +

The first successful project we had was with The University of North Texas Health Science Center on a Cannabinoid Solubilization Project where we were able to use naturally derived ingredients to create an optimal liposomal formulation with cannabinoids ingredients.

Sunshine Connect worked and continues to work through partners on solubilization projects with some of the US’s leading research organizations and universities.

Since the project, with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, we have worked and partnered with several companies and formulators to take our research results, knowledge, and experience in the field to create naturally and organically derived nanoemulsion formulas for water based product applications.

We primarily serve the all natural and organic product markets and can work with products that have cannabinoids or ones that do not.

We now assist and partner with companies in:

  • *Identifying and Creating the Best Formulation for their product application and needs.
  • *Supply of Bulk Solubilized Cannabinoid Ingredients with our in house formulations.
  • *Water Solubilization Toll Processing on existing cannabinoid extracts and raw materials.  
  • *Solubilization and Optimization Consulting, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships with other non-cannabinoid ingredients.

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