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Refund & Return Policy:

At Shine Light we are extremely confident that you will love our products. In some cases things happen in life or the product may not be a right fit and thats ok too. 

We take the approach to always trust our customers first. Below are the two return policies at Shine Light Life.  

1st Return:

If you decide for any reason you dont want the product on your first purchase, we will accept any return within 30 days of the purchase for ANY reason and provide a full refund. 

This rule only applies to the first purchase from

Once a customer has used up their first free return then any other product purchases after that are subject to our "All Returns" policy below.

All Returns Policy:

If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with a product please reach out to us via our live chat within 30 days of purchase and we will work with you on the best option to process the return. 

To Process any Returns please reach out to us on our live chat and someone will be there to help you.