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Join us in helping Shine Light raise the standards of the current health system.

We believe abundant, prosperous, and optimized health for a person is not measured by just blood tests and biochemical markers.

Join us at Shine Light and learn how to live out the 5 pillars of health in your own life and spread the knowledge and be the light in your local community.

Pick from one of two options below and become one with the light within.

 Option 1: $250- Up Front- Includes following:

  • Spend a Min. of $250 towards products INC. the 20% discount.
  • 20% off minimum of each order for a year. (Total discount is based on size of order)
  • 1 Product Sale Required each month.
  • 1 on 1 training- 5 Pillars of Health and How to take back control of your health.
  • Access to Premium Network FB group. Ask Personalized Questions, share resources, content, and help support each other in our transformations.

Option 2: $500- Up Front- Includes:

  • Spend a Min. of $500 towards products INC. the 30% discount.
  • 30% off products min. of each order for a year. 
  • Same as Above.

Wholesale Tier Discounts- Based on amount of products a wholesaler sales:

  • 20%- 1-5 Products
  • 30%- 6-10 Products
  • 40%- 11-20 Products
  • -50%- 21+